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Australia is Full of Things that Will Kill You (Bugger it; Visit Anyway)

koalas in sydney

Alright it’s time to get critical. Australia is a lethal nation.

Insanely lethal.

We’ve got extra lethal snakes than some other nation, the most important crocodiles on the earth, field jelly fish that will kill you in eight minutes, killer bushy spiders, Irukandji jellyfish so small you possibly can’t see them, and very lethal cone fish and stonefish you’ve by no means heard of, and of course, bull sharks and nice whites.

They’re ready with each breath to get you!

koalas in sydney


Australia is so harmful, our Prime Minister went for a swim one night time and by no means returned

How does one lose a Prime Minister? Solely a rustic swarming with insane predators can do that.

I don’t understand how Craig and I’ve survived for over 40 years with out even one snake or spider chew.

There was that one time when my greatest good friend was startled awake at 2:30am by the huge, furry, icky huntsman spider falling off the roof and onto her face, however even she survived that.

There was additionally the one time I stood up and flushed our camp rest room in our distant pearling camp within the center of the Kimberly and noticed a vibrant inexperienced tree frog swimming round, understanding that someplace close by was that python that appreciated to name our cabins house.

Low and behold the frog didn’t bounce up and we by no means noticed the python.

Though we noticed lots of snakes slithering throughout the paths as we walked round at night time. Dingoes howled and crept round someplace off within the shadows behind the baobab timber.

And people pesky crocs have been all the time ready on the opposite aspect of the boats as we acquired in every morning hoping one of us would stray from the comforting group and grow to be his breakfast.

However it by no means occurred.

Baby koala at Australia Zoo, Queensland, Australia

Even our valuable kangaroos and koalas may give you an amazing previous struggle. Sure. Doped out koalas may be ferocious fighters and we don’t name them boxing kangaroos for nothing.

I’ve been a witness to a buddies youngster getting a (mild) punch on the top by a roo and Craig’s sister was beat up slightly when she was little. (Nobody was significantly injured, and sure Australians will giggle at issues like this!)

Even these not often sighted cassowaries can slice you from head to toe with one kick.

After which there are the drop bears. Too traumatic to put in writing about. All I can say is simply don’t allow them to cease you from visiting Australia. You’ll remorse it.

Probably the most haunting one of all was the day a tick buried itself into my leg in Narooma and I ran down the road howling and screaming for the closest medical clinic to

“get this thing outta me!”

Trauma consequently of tick chew fever in Africa. Yep. With all THEIR harmful man consuming animals, a bit tick I by no means noticed took me down and made me assume I used to be going to die. I’m nonetheless glad I went to Africa as a result of it was AWESOME and full of lovely reminiscences and adventurous tales to share.

Carnarvon Gorge National Park, Queensland, Australia

Essential to know about my warning

An important observe so as to add right here, as I’m positive many individuals will solely learn the primary half of this publish and bounce to the feedback to put out their greatest insults as to how I’m worry mongering and RUINING tourism in Australia.

I AM Joking. J.O.Okay.I.N.G. Being facetious. Messing round, You get it.

I’m truly scripting this publish to assist enhance tourism in Australia as a result of you haven’t any concept how many individuals usually are not visiting our lovely nation as a result of of all of our animals lining up on the arrivals corridor ready to Take. Them. Down.

You’ve heard about our strict quarantine and immigration legal guidelines and procedures.

This his how we do it.

Saving on the fee of manpower by bringing out the deadlies to sting, chew or maul anybody who does get by way of quarantine and immigration.

We’ve seen the inhabitants disaster the remaining of the world is having.  We need to maintain our extraordinarily giant island to proceed to have one of the world’s smallest populations.

flock of galahsSimply let the galahs be ample

Besides in phrases of birdlife as a result of our nation is overrun with galahs, cockatoos and lorikeets so loud at sundown you’ll be able to’t hear the individual speaking beside you!

Ah, I really like my nation!

Oh I forgot concerning the magpies!! Australia’s most feared chook. Simply put on a helmet when strolling via parks as they wish to swoop at your head and pluck your hairs for his or her nest. You’ll want to cowl your eyes and also you’ll be superb.

We have been chased by a couple of birds on our street journey round Australia defending their infants (as I attempted to guard mine) . It gave us masses of giggles.

The Two Largest Causes People Gained’t Journey To Australia

Esperance, Western AustraliaYou actually need to miss out on this?

I all the time knew Australia had the status as being a harmful place with all our lethal animals. However, what has stunned me a lot dwelling in America is the quantity of People who say it’s one cause they don’t need to journey to Australia.

Now. no insults please. It’s completely comprehensible.

I’m terrified of bears and the thought has crossed my thoughts a number of occasions to not journey to grizzly bear territory.  I feel our deadliest animals are simpler to handle and keep away from than a pissed off grizzly bear you could simply occur to stumble throughout.

I speak with many People about their want to journey to Australia and the 2 largest causes that maintain them again are:

  1. It’s such an extended flight
  2. You have so many issues that can kill you

Significantly it’s the second, if not, first largest purpose. It’s loopy and it means Australia has some work to do to share the reality!

I don’t care how a lot Tourism Australia spends on their newest superstar ridden business for the Tremendous Bowl.

People have sufficient want to journey to Australia, however they gained’t go to till these first two issues are solved (in addition to the excessive value of journey in Australia AND their lack of trip time)

kangaroos on the beachkangaroos on the seashore in Esperance

For our American associates, I might HATE so that you can miss out on my lovely, unique, adventurous, pleasant nation as a result of of the worry of our animals.

Have you ever forgotten about all the damaging animals within the US? Bears, mountain lions, snakes that are higher at killing you, sharks (ah sure Jaws! We just lately noticed an amazing white shark warning on the seashore at Martha’s Winery), alligators, buffalos, moose, and did I point out Grizzly Bears?

You have it worse than us!

I’m positive, like me you’ve by no means actually frightened about all of the deadlies surrounding you, you simply know they have been half of your surroundings and discovered how you can get together with them.

Though I’ll inform you I’m terrified of crocodiles., They’re the one Australian animal that has virtually gotten in the best way of my travels. However I discovered a quite simple option to shield myself.

Know the place they reside and on no account go within the water or close to the water’s edge.

Oh okay and sharks. I’ve all the time been bothered by them since watching Jaws. However it doesn’t cease me from swimming within the ocean.

Study Mick Fanning’s boxing method to defeat a Nice White. That’s how we do it Down Beneath.

Simply take a look at these above tales I get to share. I’ve lived and traveled via the distant areas the place the deadliest of deadlies are and never one chew.

Details don’t lie. The reality about our animal associated deaths in Australia

You will see many wild emus on your road trip with kids in South Australia. It's the most we've seen in Australia Click to read more tips on things to do on the Eyre PeninsulaYou will see many wild emus in South Australia. It’s probably the most we’ve seen in Australia

Australians are fairly proud of the very fact that the highest 10 most dangerous animals name the Nice South Land residence. Simply look how awesomely fierce we’re!

The reality is:

  • Australia’s harmful animals kill about 5 individuals annually. We’re all bark no chew!
  • You even have extra probability of being killed by a horse or drowning. Yep. 300 individuals drown a yr as compared!
  • No one in Australia has died from a spider chew since 1979 after the profitable introduction of antivenom for all native species.
  • There have been 35 snake chew deaths recorded between 2000 to 2016, principally males close to their houses (23 of these by the brown snake and 1/fifth of these have been as a result of individuals making an attempt to select them up!)
  • Three individuals die on common a yr from a shark assault.
  • A research in 2013 (the earliest stats I might discover) by Charles Darwin College discovered that since 1971, there have been about 2.eight assaults per yr over of which solely zero.6% have been deadly. Australia has the very best density of saltwater crocs on the earth, so these stats are fairly excellent and show we’re not that scary and we’ve nice crocodile administration packages in place!

The truth is, statistics will present that extra individuals are killed by merchandising machines falling on prime of them than a crocodile assault. Rattling these machines that entrap my packet of chips. I simply need to shake them till they provide it again to me.

Most crocodile victims are discovered to have alcohol of their system and have been enjoying Hero Video games with their drunk buddies.

“I bet you $10 I can swim to the other side of this river.”

Snap! “I bet you, you can’t” goes the croc.

$10!!! Are you kidding me? What’s in that alcohol to make you assume that’s a great deal?

I do know you’ll by no means be that silly!

A couple of issues to assist ease your fears

Australian snakes

deadly australian snakes

Wahoo. Sure we now have eight of probably the most deadliest snakes in Australia.

Right here are some things we discovered touring across the nation and talking with rangers in instructional amenities.

The probabilities of you getting bitten after which dying of a snakebite in Australia are low as a result of:

  1. They’re afraid of you and can get out of your method as quickly as they hear you. (However, not the brown snake. You don’t need to mess with the browns. They’re the aggressive ones who’ll strike at whim. Kinda just like the crocs.)
  2. Aussie snake venom is tremendous toxic BUT the fangs of our snakes are very small, in contrast to different nations (like yours) whose snakes have giant fangs. This implies the probabilities of our small fangs injecting far sufficient into the pores and skin to do some actual injury are slim. That’s why we advocate sporting boots, thick socks and lengthy pants when out within the bush. That tough safety saves rather a lot of individuals.
  3. It takes so much of power for a snake to inject venom. It tires them out a lot that typically they’ll chew as a warning and never launch the venom.
  4. In case you are bitten and stay nonetheless and apply the proper first assist the venom will journey sluggish sufficient to offer you time to get the antivenom you might want to prevent.

Don’t worry the snake. They’re lovely animals. I really like to carry them and wrap them round mine and my youngsters’s necks – pythons that is. Don’t play with the opposite ones.

Yes, you can hold a Burmese python at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

I promise you, it is uncommon to see snakes. We traveled round Australia for 18 months and have explored it deeply in some ways and I feel I’ve solely seen about 5 snakes within the wild and by no means one brown!


I hate spiders far more than snakes.

They’re a standard presence in Australia’s households, particularly the creepy huntsman that likes to scurry throughout your front room flooring as you’re watching TV or leap in your greatest associates face at night time (solely time I’ve heard of that occurring by the best way.)

You’ll be preventing your folks for sofa area as you leap up screaming,

“Craaaaaiiiiig. Get rid of the huntsman. Quick.”

Btw, Kalyra did that simply yesterday in our home in Raleigh regarding the invading spiders. See they’re in all places!!

We now have Daddy lengthy legs, probably the most venomous spider on the earth. Don’t fear, they’re utterly innocent as their fangs are method t0o tiny to harm you! However their prey higher get out of the best way.

Then there are the lethal purple again spiders and funnel webs.

Pink backs like to cover in your footwear, in previous tires and beneath tables and playground gear.

All the time examine your footwear earlier than placing them on in Australia and maybe don’t depart them outdoors.

Funnel Webs are precisely what you image once you assume of scary, lethal spiders. Black, giant and bushy! The females are 10x extra lethal than the males!

I’ve by no means seen one within the wild. Apart from the legs of that one within the video above.

Craig had a pair in his swimming pool when he was rising up (sure they do swim). Simply watch out choosing up rocks and issues in case they’re hiding beneath them,

However, really you don’t have to fret about them. No deaths since 1979 keep in mind. And they’re uncommon to see.


Whitsunday Crocodile Safari - Queensland, Australia

Simply by no means ever go swimming within the rivers the place crocodiles are. They’re within the northern (Prime Finish) of the nation.

  • Don’t ignore the indicators that warn you about them.
  • Watch out of the seashores within the prime finish as nicely, because the crocs can typically be swimming close to there, particularly if an estuary is shut by. We noticed croc tracks within the mangroves proper close to one of the seashores within the Daintree.
  • Ocean assaults are uncommon, however I don’t take any possibilities with the crocs.
  • Stay away from the river banks as nicely. These crafty hunters, will see you means earlier than you see them and can leap proper out of that water and snap you from the river financial institution.

See the cute baby alligators at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Craig and I almost had coronary heart failure at some point watching a person throw rocks into the river together with his little boy on the river financial institution, solely twenty metres away from the jetty the place you boarded for the croc watching excursions.

Geez!! Don’t do that!!

There are a lot of lovely watering holes within the Prime Finish. They appear good for swimming and you might be so scorching that you possibly can’t resist. Resist, until it is clearly marked protected for swimming. All the time ask a ranger or an area.

The Prime Finish additionally has freshwater crocodiles that are so cute and just about innocent. I’ve swam in locations the place they’re earlier than. Once more ask the locals. However so long as you keep away from them (they’re very shy) they may depart you alone.

The one uncommon assaults that have occurred are as a result of of the idiots that have cornered them and provoked them.

Field jellyfish and Irukandji

box jellyfish will kill you

These ocean critters come out within the heat summer time months when the ocean water across the 30 diploma temperatures. This makes for a nuisance if you go to the Prime Finish, which is the place they stay.

I don’t advocate you go to the Prime Finish in the course of the summer time anyway as a result of of this and since it is extremely popular and moist. Take note of the indicators on our seashores. They’ll warn you of any risks, particularly stingers!

Should you do go to locations like Cairns, right now of the yr, you may be given stinger fits whenever you dive or snorkel the Nice Barrier Reef. These will maintain you protected.

Jellyfish account for (at time of writing) 66 deaths since data started in 1883. The field jellyfish was answerable for 64 deaths, and the Irukandji the opposite two. It sounds rather a lot, however nonetheless lower than one demise per yr, extra like simply half a demise per yr.


sharks in australia

I’ve swam in seashores throughout the nation, and have not often had a shark incident. I feel I’ve solely ever been pulled out of the water as soon as. Kalyra was having a browsing lesson and the lifeguards noticed a suspicious animal. That they had us out of the water tremendous quick.

Sure. Shark assaults occur. However they don’t occur as typically as you assume.

Attempt to not seem like a seal and don’t swim at daybreak or nightfall.

Excellent news is our lifeguards are superior at protecting you protected. Simply take heed to them!

Rip tides are extra harmful than sharks in our seashores. In case you are not a robust swimmer then keep near shore, ask an area if there are any rips to remember of, and all the time swim between the flags.

This is the world that is monitored by the lifeguards and usually have the most secure water circumstances.

In case you are a surfer although, you gained’t be allowed right here. However I’m positive you already know rather a lot about water security, and aren’t scared of sharks, so this publish is in all probability not for you.

All wild animals

cool Aussie signsYou’ll love our animal street indicators

Simply allow them to be and be free. They’re extra scared of you.

I do know you need that selfie with the kangaroo, however get in his area and he may bop you one.

Do you blame him? I’d need to do the identical if somebody was harassing me only for a couple of likes on social media.

There are lots of animal sanctuaries in Australia the place you possibly can feed kangaroos and cuddle koalas. These are all protected locations to take action. The animals are intently monitored and guarded by the rangers. They will even shield you!

Bilby experience in CharlevilleThe gorgeous uncommon and endangered Australian bilby in Charleville

Simply assume of the superb reminiscence it’s a must to share together with your daughter for the remaining of her life of that time you each walked into the outback dunny and opened the lid to see a inexperienced tree frog observing you (they don’t seem to be harmful by the best way)

You each scream and seize onto one another operating out the door deciding that maybe a bush wee was preferable to sitting on the bathroom, regardless of that reality hat that inexperienced tree frog is in all probability hiding from its predator in the bathroom.

Or, that time you walked into the campground rest room early within the morning to see this little head poking up behind the cistern, solely to comprehend upon shut inspection that it was a small snakes head. You slowly again away and maintain onto the night’s wee for a bit longer.

We now have our personal toilet in our new journey trailer within the US to assist us with these points.

Sufficient. I’m scaring you once more aren’t I?

However see how simply walked away unscathed. You couldn’t do that with a grizzly bear! Our deadlies are small wimps!

We traveled for 18 months across the nation, in a really open (and small) journey trailer and weren’t attacked by any animals.

Regardless of all these fears I  had about our street journey, I nonetheless went and it was one of the best expertise of my life. The reminiscences are priceless, and consequently, I can say, there is no higher nation on the planet to journey to.

Australia is beautiful and unique, wild and spacious, and crammed with transformative experiences.

I’ve by no means met an American but who has regretted their determination to beat their fears and obstacles to journey to our Nice South Land.

So don’t fear about our deadlies. You’re protected with them. Come on over to Australia.

That lengthy flight might be value it. You can sleep, drink nd binge film watch.

Let me shut out this submit with a couple of reminders of how splendidly cute our Australian animals are. It’s so value coming right here to see as many of them you gained’t see them in some other nation! They’re delightfully ours.

On the backside of these photographs, you’ll additionally see hyperlinks to posts that will help you plan your Australian journey.

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Spotting dolphins on the ferry to kangaroo Island in South Australia

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Are you afraid of Australia’s lethal animals? Do you assume you’ll nonetheless go to anyway? Or is there one thing else actually holding you again?


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